Higher field output:
Field trials at its 302.4 kWp rooftop R&D installation has conclusively proved that modules using solar glass from Borosil Renewables have generated 7.5% more electricity than modules made using solar glass from a leading European solar manufacturer.

PID resistant:
Laboratory tests conducted at PhotoVoltaik-Institut AG, Berlin have established that solar glass from Borosil Renewables has the highest resistance to PID (potential induced degradation) when compared with Solar glass from leading manufacturers in Europe and China.

Lowest iron content:
At 76 PPM, the solar glass from Borosil Renewables is the lowest iron content glass in the world.

Toxin free glass:

Borosil Renewables offers the only high-performance textured solar glass in the world which is free of highly toxic antimony and arsenic.

Anti-reflective coating:
Laboratory measurements show that the anti-reflective coating offered by Borosil Renewables has excellent durability as well as outstanding performance characteristics.

Glass efficiency value:
SPF, a leading test Institute in Switzerland, whose report is widely accepted by manufacturers of photo voltaic modules, has measured the glass efficiency of the Borosil Renewables product as 0.952, thus putting it at the highest efficiency amongst the glasses tested by them.

Solar glass from Borosil Renewables finds application in Photo voltaic modules, solar thermal flat plate collectors, high-efficiency greenhouses.

Manufacturing capacity:
The output of solar glass from Borosil Renewables is enough to manufacture about 1GW of modules annually.

Patterned glass for architectural applications:
The patterned glass offered by Borosil Renewables in several attractive patterns, is of the highest quality anywhere in the world.

Manufacturing facility:
The most modern manufacturing facility of Borosil Renewables is located in Govali, District Bharuch, Gujarat. It has manufacturing capability of thicknesses from 2mm to 10mm.

The manufacturing facility is accredited by T�V Rheinland to be complying with

ISO 9001:2015,
ISO 14001:2015 and
ISO 45001:2018

The solar glass is accredited by T�V Rheinland to be conforming with

EN 12150-1,
EN 572-9,
EN 410,
EN 12600,
EN 12868 and
Certificate of constancy of performance (CE marking)

The solar glass is accredited by SPF, Switzerland to be conforming with

'P1' Classification (Solar PV) and
'U1' Classification (Solar Thermal)

The solar glass is accredited by Westpak, CA, USA to be conforming to Hail test as per
IEC 61215.

Laboratory and testing:
GBL's in-house laboratory is fully equipped with the latest and most advanced testing equipment to ensure top quality end product to the customer.



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